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My labor of love...

In the Fall of 2016, God sternly spoke to me regarding a message to the special needs community that I've been sitting on for quite some time now. He told me to "Release it." I could no longer withhold this impactful knowledge and began writing "This Special Life". 

In this book, I share the pivotal, Biblical truths that have brought me to the amazing place of freedom and joy inside this life of being the mother of my daughter, Kaiya, living with severe special needs. Over the last decade of tears, pain, and grief, God has used my beautiful daughter to teach me about His character and His power. Be empowered and inspired as you read about these simple keys to living a victorious life even for those of us loving and caring for children with special needs or chronic illness.

"This Special Life" is now available to order! Click here to purchase your copies now!