Rhianna sanford

Driven to inspire.

Rhianna’s purpose is to help lead you to an enlightened place where physically, spiritually and mentally, you live a more purposeful life; a more meaningful life. As she aligns you to the truth of the greatness within you and the uniqueness of your specific abilities, you will sense your inner-belief and faith growing and taking shape. With a “big-picture” perspective on life, Rhianna reminds us all that there are more opportunities for joy, than for sorrow, even in the most difficult circumstance. 


Using foundational, Biblical truths, Rhianna’s upbeat nature is gracious, refreshing, and generates an empowering excitement to take on any obstacle with supernatural strength and courage. Her journey of being mother to her amazing daughter, Kaiya, with severe special needs, has led her to a tangible knowledge of those Biblical truths. Rhianna seeks to make this knowledge known to the hurting, disillusioned and the weak, giving them transformative power to live their lives with perseverance and tenacity.


Through her examples of healthy living, Rhianna longs to engage and activate you towards prioritizing your health. With a focus on nutrition and physical fitness, Rhianna coaches others to develop a lifestyle of healthy habits, which will lead to being energized and motivated to perform the tasks and assignments your Creator purposed you to do.


Rhianna has found herself writing and speaking to females, more specifically, teenagers and mothers of special needs children. Her passion is to help them see their true identity revealed in Christ and abandon the lies told to them regarding their value and their worth.