It all started when…

I realized that somehow, I’d gotten to a place of peace and power. I realized that I wasn’t crying everyday. I wasn’t depressed. I wasn’t paralyzed with worry about what the future held for my special needs child or much else for that matter. In fact, I was full of HOPE. How did this happen? How did I get here from the pit of despair which I once resided?

For the long answer, check out This Special Life. But the short answer is that I realized that this life, my life, had so much purpose and value. And, I realized that if I really understood how powerful it was, I would be able to serve and help so many others around me. But if I didn’t take care of myself or prioritize my own well-being, that it was a direct disrespect to not only myself, but to the divine purpose and calling on my life. How could I be the best contribution to this world? How could I be the best wife to my husband? How could I be the best mama to my child if I was constantly putting myself last?

If you are like me and you are caring for a child with special needs, you are giving so much of yourself. Cherish was made for YOU. So that YOU can have a moment to just be made a fuss over for a change! A moment to forget about Rett Syndrome, Autism, seizures, feeding tubes and doctors’ appointments. A moment to be EMPOWERED. A moment to be CHERISHED.

Our first “A Night to Cherish” event on Saturday, October, 26, 2019 will be a night for five mamas of children with Rett Syndrome to ‘feel the love’. Before randomly drawing these mamas, we will collect the names for as many mamas as possible up until September 15. If you would like to be included in our first event, please complete the form below. It’s time…to CHERISH.

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“There is a divine anointing

in you to live this special life well.”

~ Rhianna Sanford, This Special Life: Living with Special Needs & LOVING It